iOS Release!

Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget is now available on the iOS App Store! You can check it out here:

Or if you have an Android, you can download it at:


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Android Release!

Bar Crawl is now available for download on Android devices via the Google Play Store for free! Check out our trailer for more details!

In game screen shots:

 2   1   3

iOS and Windows 8 versions coming soon (as soon as their app stores approve our app)!



New Logo!

With just a few days left until release, we finally have our last art asset in the game! And it just happens to be one of the most important ones!

Our new logo:


More Art Assets!

We are nearing the final release of our game, and are on schedule to have all of the art in on time. The most recent additions are a beer mug refilling to signify how many turns you have left until you can drink it to clear the board again, and a visual indicator of how long you can hold/drag a tile before you automatically drop it.



This is a tentative version of the visual timer. Coloration may change after we test how it looks in-game.


We also added particle effects for killing enemies, sound for when punches make contact, and a particle effect for clearing the tiles.

HUGE Update!

We are nearing the end of Beta, which means our game will soon be both feature and art complete! Due to our late start, we will still be adding art until right before we have our final release build, but besides that, we will be going into polish mode for the next two weeks.

Since last time, we have added a fully functional options menu and three new tile sets for our bars. We have also added many small things like more animations and particle effects for some attacks. Additionally, we have finally updated the bottle-cap/tile sprites to be less noisy.



We are still working out display issues with various devices (Android and iOS), so the UI you see is only temporary, and will scale to fit those resolutions.

Finally, we now have a fully playable tutorial level so new players won’t need to read a lengthy paragraph about how to play!